ItemProfileLengthHeadTipFront TaperBellyRear TaperRunning LineHead wt
Sixth Sense Sink 3 - WF5/6WF105ft46119161059265gr
Sixth Sense Sink 5 - WF5/6WF105ft46119161059265gr
Sixth Sense Sink 3 - WF6/7WF105ft46119161059295gr
Sixth Sense Sink 5 - WF6/7WF105ft46119161059295gr
Sixth Sense Sink 7 - WF6/7WF105ft46119161059295gr
Sixth Sense Sink 3 - WF7/8WF105ft46119161059350gr
Sixth Sense Sink 5 WF7/8WF105ft46119161059350gr
Sixth Sense Sink 7 WF7/8WF105ft46119161059350gr
Sixth Sense Sink 3 WF8/9WF105ft46119161059390gr
Sixth Sense Sink 5 WF8/9WF105ft46119161059390gr
Sixth Sense Sink 7 WF8/9WF105ft46119161059390gr


As originators of Density Compensation in Sinking lines, TDC –Total Density Compensation – raises the bar on density control regardless of line type. Controlling the volume and density of each coating, our dual layer PolyFuse XT process creates technically advanced lines with pinpoint accuracy.



AF_Flyline Con Ill_Face on_2017version

For true high buoyancy floaters or sinking lines with sink rates you can rely on, look out for the TDC logo.

Power Core
You’ll be more impressed with the lines incredible suppleness and handling performance even in the harshest of conditions. With only 6% stretch, our Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set.




The original “PVC Free” Polymer coated fly lines, we at Airflo utilize solvent free Polyurethane as the base material in all our fly lines. When we originally researched our coating technology over 20 years ago, we wanted the best possible fly line material available. A coating that would be stronger than our competitors, could resist DEET and ultimately fight off the long term effects of UV. Polyurethane provided us with this and much, much more.





Micro Loop

The ability to fuse Polyurethane post production led to the development of Micro Loops. Showing no visible signs of a step down, Micro loops blend into the main line giving smooth transition to your leader and protect your fly line from the effects of capillary action.



Climate Control

Airflo fly line Climate Control – Even though all our lines are made from the same base material, polyurethane, not all of our fly line coatings are the same.  In fact, they come in a variety of grades or hardness’s which determine how the line will perform in a variety of temperatures. We select coatings that best suit the environment in which they will be used, each having its own merits and optimum temperature range in which they perform best. To help establish which line you require, we have developed a temperature chart that highlights the working temperature range for each of our lines.

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