Ryan Johnston

Central California Expert

Favorite Fish:  Stripers

Home Waters:  Chico California

Fly fishing took me by wind and storm when I was twelve years olds. This fish crazed passion of mine led me to make it my career by becoming a guide in 2002 and then founding a kids fly fishing nonprofit called Cast Hope in 2009. I spend hundreds of days every year pursuing fins around my home waters of Chico, CA. Whether it is chasing trout, steelhead, bass, shad, or stripers I am on the water all year long looking to put my clients on the next grab. The thrill of potentially connecting with that monster from the depths of the green abyss keeps me going on a daily basis. I am extremely lucky to be supported by a company like Echo. They design some amazing rods that makes casting a breeze even in the harshest of conditions but more than that they are great people who know, understand, and appreciate fly fishing.