Mark Hieronymus

Salmon & Steelhead Expert

Favorite Fish:  Pink Salmon

Home Water:  Juneau AK

I have been fishing for over 40 years, and flyfishing for the greater part of that. I grew up fishing in WA when there were still enough steelhead and salmon around that an adventurous kid with a Metro bus pass and a pint jar of some gooey egg clusters could get into some of the better fishing available in the Puget Sound basin.

I first came to AK in 1988 to work in the commercial side of the fishing industry and ended up staying for 24 years. Besides the obvious benefits of free crab bait and all-you-can-eat sockeye (and tendinitis, I was able to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities during the “shoulder seasons” of the commercial industry – April to June, and September – October. I started guiding the spring and fall seasons for Bear Creek Outfitters (Juneau, AK) in 2004, and have since made the transition to full-time guide.

In addition to guiding, I have been a contract fly designer for several years, and recently joined the designer team at Umpqua Feather Merchants. My involvement in fly design has allowed me to express my inner “dirty gear chucker” and marry the best of both worlds into simple, effective flies that would scare the bejeezus out of most tweed-clad purists.

In the winter I work for Trout Unlimited, Alaska Program as the Sportfish Outreach Coordinator for Southeast Alaska, educating and informing the sportfishing diaspora about conservation issues in America’s Salmon Forest, the Tongass National Forest.

I moved to AK in 1995, and besides a 4-year stint in Sitka getting my BS in Fisheries Science / Aquaculture, I have made the Juneau area my home for the whole time. My wife Christine and I bought our house on Douglas Island near a small anadromous stream 11 years ago, and I have been terrorizing the neighborhood populations of salmon and char ever since.