Jay Nicholas

Saltwater Salmon Expert

Favorite Fish:  Chinook

Home Water:  PNW Estuaries

Oh no! The dreaded bio. Make it short. Make it interesting. Why I’m special. Ok, here goes. First, if I’m special in the fly fishing industry it’s only because I’m just one teenie-tiny bit crazier or quirkier or stupider about fly fishing for salmon and steelhead than most of the other fly fisher-tyers, out there. Oh yeah, I have over thirty years as a scientist studying anadromous and resident Oncorhynchus species. Think salmon-crazed; fly tyer and fisher; conservation minded; still learning the difference between a Wombat and a Kangaroo; love writing, photography, watercolors, and pen sketches related to salmon; passionate instructor; want wild salmon and steelhead to thrive forever, and, well, that’s enough for now…