Aaron Richter

Spey Expert

Favorite Fish:  Steelhead

Home Water:  Bristol Bay AK

Born in 1979 and blessed to grow up along a cutthroat stream in north Idaho, my mom noticed an early addiction forming when I became obsessed with fishing plastic fish out of the bathtub. I was five years old when I got a Honda 50 ATV and received the go-ahead to fish the creek as soon as I could start the machine. From that point on there wasn’t much else I would rather be doing. A trail of dust behind me as I sped to my favorite spots. When I was twelve, I watched “A River Runs Through It” and was intrigued enough to save my allowance and buy the crappy package setup from K-Mart. That rod changed my life. Fly-fishing has dominated my being from that point on. That passion has followed me and sometimes affected attendance during high school. Afterwards, I made my way to Alaska, working in the commercial fishing industry. I immediately fell in love with the area. I knew then I wanted to return as a guide. It took some time, but in 2009 I made my way back up north. I have been guiding in Bristol Bay since. Also, as a pilot I am working towards a flying position, and very excited to be exploring new areas wherever I go.

Alaska has given me the ability and opportunity to share my love of the outdoors and the natural world. I also enjoy helping others hone their skills and teaching a newcomer the sport I love. When I am not in AK, I’m chasing tail across the Pacific Northwest. Whenever I can, I prefer my two-handed rod to chase heavy metal and big rainbows.