Matt Callies

Favorite Fish:  Trout & Steelhead

Home Water:  Trinity River

I was born and raised in Encinitas and introduced to the world of fishing at an early age. By the time I was five I had already developed a desire to pursue and catch all things that swim. I spent my childhood sneaking on to golf courses to fish the ponds and going to the lake any chance I got. By the time I hit middle school I was deep in the game, fishing every spare moment I had.

One summer my dad bought me a martin clicker and thrift store fiberglass fly rod and so began my passion for fly-fishing. My uncle would bark casting instructions from the porch of our beach house overlooking Puget Sound while explaining that there are fish that travel from the river to salt. This sparked my quest for anadromous fish and I began chasing Sea Run Cuts and Dolly Varden any time I was in the Seattle area. I continued fishing both conventional and fly throughout my adolescent years becoming addicted to big fish! When I moved to Mt Shasta several years ago I fell in love with the dynamic nature of the river.

I learned to tie flies out of necessity. As a poor paramedic student I didn’t have extra funds for flies, and I HAD to fish! I became a nomad, living in my truck and heading to a fishing destination every time I wasn’t on shift. I got a pattern published in a magazine and started contract-tying for Umpqua feather merchants. Around this time I also began to do some rep work. I figured that I was already traveling all over the state and I might as well promote products and companies that I believed in. It was only a matter of time before I started to guide in northern California. In my mind there was nothing better than introducing people to the amazing world of fly-fishing.  Not long after I transitioned out of the rep world and took a corporate job with Loon Outdoors as their Director of Product Development. This has proved to be an amazing outlet for the “creative, never turns off, non-stop idea” side of me.

I currently travel the west coast teaching fly-tying, talking to groups about Spey casting and using the two handed rod for trout and other honorable species! As part of my role with Loon Outdoors, I am also hosting a full interactive live stream twice a month that teaches tying online called Loon Live. Northern California is now homebase where I live with my wife, two little monsters and of course the faithful yellow lab that thinks the rivers are her playground. I’m excited about what the future holds, especially introducing my little people to this awesome world called fishing!