Guide Joe Willauer on the GT Line

“Few, if any fish demands a line designed for themselves, and if there is one that truly deserves it, it is the Giant Trevally.  Sure, they are one of the sexiest fish going these days, and are thrown onto the covers of magazines everywhere right now, but for damn good reason.  When you have one pulling away from you and your reel that costs as much as your first drift boat is making noises you don’t think a reel ever should, the cover of a magazine is the last thing that on your mind.  And neither should your fly line.  Truly designed for GT’s and not just a mocked up tarpon line,  this is THE line to get if you are serious about chasing down the fish that will surely haunt you for a long time.  A good reel is only as strong as the line that connects you to the fish, and the GT line makes sure that the reel will be the point of failure, if the fish gods decide to shun you. ” – Joe Willauer